Select the NBAA member category that best describes you:

  • 操作成员

    An Operating member can be any person or entity that owns or operates aircraft, 主要不是出租的, as a transportation aid in the conduct of its business or activities, 同时符合下列两项标准:

    • it uses pilots holding the qualifications required by the appropriate regulatory authority
    • 不到其总销售额的50%, 包括所有附属公司及附属公司, is from products or services sold to business aviation clients.


  • 企业成员

    A Business member can be any person or entity that has a commercial interest in business aviation and does not qualify for membership as an Operating member.

    Applicants for Business membership must be engaged in a field of endeavor whose aims are consistent with the principles and interests of the association.

  • 专业的成员

    NBAA’s Professional member category is for any person with a pervasive interest in business aviation.

    Professional members are restricted to participation by only one individual per membership and are allowed only one listing in the NBAA连接 Buyer’s Guide and 明升登陆网址. 他们没有参展的资格, 赞助或在nba做广告, 或者访问nba薪酬调查.

    学生 and Retirees also fall under the Professional member category.