This PDP供应商指南 document is intended to help educational providers prepare to submit courses for NBAA 专业发展计划(PDP) approval.

NBAA’s PDP prepares business aviation professionals for management roles within business aviation flight departments. 建立培训机构和教育机构, 被称为“批准的PDP提供商”,” offer courses year-round through a variety of convenient and flexible delivery methods, 包括现场研讨会, 网络课程和视频教学.

NBAA recognizes educational providers for offering courses that meet defined PDP objectives, and individuals receive Association recognition for successfully completing PDP-approved courses. Since the program’s launch in 1月uary 1998, there have been over 11,000 PDP course completions.

PDP courses are designed to teach the skills needed to be an effective manager, 无论一个人的专业背景如何,哪些是相同的. All members of the flight department are good candidates for management training, 是否监控飞行员, 维修人员, 线服务人员, 调度器, 调度员或乘务员.

NBAA encourages current and prospective educational providers to use these PDP供应商指南 when preparing course curricula for approval by the PDP Review Committee, in order to make the course approval process as efficient as possible. 该委员会, composed of business aviation management practitioners and experienced collegiate aviation educators, 对项目和所有课程有最终决定权.


The PDP curriculum objectives guide educational providers in the development of courses relating to the management of part or all of a flight department.

下载PDP目标(186kb, PDF)


教育al providers must complete this form to submit courses for review by the NBAA PDP 教育 Committee.

下载PDP课程计划书申请(101kb, PDF)

下载PDP课程申请表格(56kb, Word)


This PDP供应商指南 document is intended to help educational providers prepare when submitting courses for NBAA 专业发展计划(PDP) approval.

下载PDP提供商指南(1.4 MB, PDF)

提交PDP课程计划申请, 课程大纲或教学大纲, 以及任何关于NBAA的Molly Hitch的补充资料,请访问 如有疑问,请致电希契 .